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           If I could spend a week with a soccer player, it would be Lionel Messi. I want to spend a week with him because he is a famous soccer player. Lionel Messi is the world best soccer best soccer player in the world. Lionel Messi can take on anyone in the world. If you don’t know about him, do some research for once. I know anything that he does.

               We would play some soccer when it is not rainy. He would beat me like 21-0. I can score about 10 goals if I try or if he lets me score. We would play for fun. Like watching a comedy crack up some jokes, it would be fun.

               I would ask him to train me because I want to be good like him. If he says yes, I would have hopes. He would tell me everything that I would know. Like a way to control the ball. To get ready for a game and everything. My friends will never anything bad of what I do.                  

           There would be three places that i would go. They are Barcelona, Hawaii, and California. I want to go to Barcelona because I want to see the team Barcelona play soccer. I like watching soccer on TV.  Its much better when I watch soccer inside the stadium. I can actually see the players closely. the best part is when the players score and I cheer along with the others.

          I want to go to  Hawaii for tons of things. I want to go to Hawaii like everyone else. For the pools, the beaches, and the relaxation. My question is who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii. Hawaii is somewhere that people can relax and get away from things that you don’t like. For example : i want to get away from school. I know what everyone feels, thats exactly how I feel.

       I want to go to California for , you know good things. I want to go to hotels because there excitment and you just dont know why. Is it because of the beds, food, and performance. I think thats why. The bed are good and you can sleep well. The food are good and I like watching performance. I would want to go to go to Disneyland to have fun. I would have fun.


          There are many sports in the world. There are Basketball, Baseball, Football, and my favorite Soccer. In baseball, I heard about the New york Yankees and others teams. In basketball, I heard about the Lakers and other teams. In Football, I heard about the Redskins and the Cowboys. In Soccer, my favorite team is Barcelona. those are the team I know and others.

          There are also players in those teams. In Basketball, there are Kobe Bryant and others. In baseball, i don’t know any players. In football, there are Kurt Warner and others. In Soccer, there are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, There are many players in each spots.

           These player have a lot of things.Players have a lot of fame. I think that each players like their jobs. Each players have tons of money. Each players have enough fans. Each player have things that a lots of people does not have.There many many more things that they have.

a mistake i made

A mistake I made myself was in a soccer game. It was on a Friday on October 7, 2011. I wanted to dribble the ball through people. The problem is that I didn’t enough have practice. We lost 5-2, Edwin and I scored a goal, it wasn’t enough. I realize that I need to learn how to dribble good. After I done that, I could do tricks to be the best and make our school win games. That was the time when I learn from a mistake.

In a video game , I lost in a level. I didn’t went prepared because I never played the label yet. I need to do it faster and better. I need to do it right the first time I learned from it. I cant have a mistake because I need to get far. If I do make a mistake, I will have to learn from another mistake. Since I been on that part of the level, I can watch out and get far.

A mistake I made was to wet a system. I went to the bathroom with my psp. I accidently drop my psp in the in the sink. My psp was all soaked wet. My psp didn’t turned on. I had to wait until my psp was dried which was about two weeks. Now I know not to take my psp to the bathroom because somehow my psp will get wet.

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